How to Minimize the Inevitable Pain

I think everyone has that one problem in their life at any given moment which makes them think, “if that issue went away, I would be okay.” For some it’s a family issue that isn’t resolved,  for some it’s financial distress, for some it’s school or their career, and for some it’s certain insecurities they may have with themselves. Everyone has something they wish would go away. The reality is that if that one problem went away, another one would replace it. As morbid as that may sound, there’s a certain wisdom deeply engrained in everything that we face.

There is also a misconception that people elevated in faith face less problems which is created by the notion that people of faith don’t seem to delineate any semblance of facing problems. They are often smiling, hopeful, loving, and look optimistically at life which brings most to believe that they must face less problems than the rest of us. People may also think their problems are a reflection of God’s anger and punishment in this life. But if that were the case, what of the stories of our Prophets? Joseph was tried at a very young age and throughout his life. Moses was faced with issue after issue in his life. Muhammed (SAW) buried most of his children and was tried in ways we can’t even imagine.

God doesn’t ignore what we ask for, but if you ask God for a car – He may not give it to you right then and there. If you ask Him to alleviate you from a family issue, He may not resolve it for you immediately. Dua works like this:

  1. Yes
  2. Not Yet
  3. I’ll give you something better

But there is one thing that we ask of God that He doesn’t delay. It’s the very thing that brings peace to the hearts of the most tried people. It’s the very thing that doesn’t necessarily solve our problems but brings light to their wisdom and grants us something more valuable than anything in this world – peace of mind.

And that is Guidance from our Lord.

Divine Guidance is a prayer that will be immediately answered upon by our Lord. That is promised to us. And Divine Guidance is what brings peace of mind BY bringing meaning to our lives. To understand outweighs the attainment of desires. I have met people who have faced tragedies far worse than anything I have faced, yet they perceive life with such love and optimism. I was always so perplexed at their ability to live like this. But their connection with their Lord and the Divine Guidance they seek comforts their heart with understanding.

It’s not black and white. It’s not a direct connection. Elevated Faith does not automatically equal peace of mind. Elevated faith simply opens your heart and mind to more doors of understanding and perspective. Every stage of life will bring a unique set of problems. You will make a unique sequence of unexplainable mistakes and whether its your own mistakes or the pain others have caused you, you will feel hurt on varying levels. These are inevitable realities to your life.

The more we find and build on our connection with our Lord, the less pain these realities will cause you. The pain is replaced with perspective. And perspective entails understanding. And understanding provides peace.

And peace is ideal in an uncomfortable reality.



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