Unlocking Your Greatness

You have a very unique key to unlock immense amounts of productivity and peace in your life. I’m going to tell you how to unlock it.

I’ve been writing since I was young as a means to make sense of my own thoughts and emotions. For me, thinking and reflecting was only useful if I actively wrote about it and let it out of my mind. Speaking my mind often came out jumbled and confusing – even to myself. I realized that writing was my release. It was my power. Whenever I write, I feel a sense of ease and understanding in my mind. It’s soothing. The quality and content in terms of what it means to and for other people is irrelevant to me compared to what the act of writing does for me as an individual.

Many people reading this may not be able to relate to that. That’s because writing isn’t their power. I think everyone has something that they do that soothes their hearts and minds. Writing, reading, poetry, exercising, traveling, cooking, etc.. I think it’s important to channel whatever unique power is yours in order to mentally and emotionally open your hearts and minds. Everything improves for me when I write – my outlook, my productivity, and especially my relationships amongst other things.

Making time for activities that feed your soul is the single most important thing you can do in order to catalyze your life. It may seem odd in the grand scheme of the routine that society has you filling. In other words, if your release is writing poetry but you work as a doctor, then writing poetry doesn’t necessarily improve any abilities related to what you do primarily in your life. That’s why many people shy away from such activities. Yet, if you’re a doctor accruing the inevitable stresses that come with your field, then partaking in an activity that helps you feed your heart and mind enhances you psychologically. You perform better, not because the time spent writing poetry helped you attain knowledge, but because the time spent writing poetry helped you attain peace.

If, while reading this, you are having trouble actualizing an activity that feeds your soul, keep thinking. Don’t stop. And more importantly, don’t give in to societies natural tendency to file you into a routine that excludes that activity. It’s important to find and commit to doing activities that grow you in the deepest ways personal to you. Life doesn’t stop presenting you with difficulties and complications. What you have power over however, is how strong your heart and mind are to navigate through everything.

Take a moment and find the activity or activities that feed your soul and make a plan to do that at least for a small time every week. You’ll grow your life in a way you didn’t even realize.

It’s your power. It’s your key. Unlock greatness in your life.